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121 ton Seyi Sutherland

for sale

121 ton Seyi Sutherland
121 ton Seyi Sutherland side
121 ton Seyi Sutherland data

121 ton Seyi Sutherland for sale

Double crank gap-frame stamping press

Stock number: DP1501

Model: Mark 2-121

Year: 1995

Total Capacity: 121 tons

Bed Area: 74x26.8"

Stroke: 7.1"
Die Height: 15.7"
Adjustment: 3.5"
Speed: 35-65 spm

Location: Battle Creek, MI U.S.A.

Shipping Dimensions: Request

Weight: 40,000lbs


Late model Seyi-Sutherland double crank gap-frame stamping press for sale! This press is ideal for a variety of applications with a roomy 74" bed and long 7.1" stroke. It comes equipped with light curtains and a sweet electric fan! It could also be used as a crazy projectile launched from a huge trebuchet or an interesting conversation piece in your living room (no judgement here). 

This press is located in Battle Creek, MI. If you're interested in this machine, let us know and we would be happy to schedule an inspection.

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