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1000 Ton
USI Clearing

for sale

1000 ton clearing disassembled
1000 ton clearing base and ram
1000 ton clearing tie rod nuts
1000 ton clearing crown
1000 ton clearing bolster

1000 ton USI Clearing for sale

Stock number: DP1711

Model:  S4-1000-200-80
S/N:  10-4501
Rebuild Year:  1993
Capacity: 1000 Tons
Bed Area:  200”  RL  x  96"  FB   (original bed size was 80”, but was increased to 96”)
Slide Area:  200”  RL  x  80"  FB 
Stroke:  10”
Shut Height:  64”
Adjustment:  24”
Shut Height:  min/max 24-48”
Speed:  10 - 30 SPM
Window:  74” W  x  42” H

Location: Request

Shipping Dimensions: Request

Weight: Request


1000 ton clearing that would be ideal for short stroke progressive die application or large work pieces that don't require deep draws. This press is (clearly) already disassembled and ready to ship! This press is 27' 8.25" from the floor to the top. 

If you're interested in this machine, we would be happy to give you an in-person inspection!

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