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stamping presses 255-500 tons for sale

In need of a 300-ton press? 400-ton press? 500-ton press? You’re in the right place. If you have an application that requires a stamping press between 255-500 tons Diamond Press Solutions carries an excellent selection of used stamping presses to meet your needs. Browse our inventory below and click on a specific press to find the full specifications and details on the 300-ton presses, 400-ton presses, and 500-ton presses currently in stock and request a quote on a machine that best fits your needs.

Verson S2-500-240-60T [SN 23679] DP1714 A.jpeg

 500 ton Verson 

 Model: S2-500-240-60T 

 Stroke: 12" 

 Bed: 240x60" 

 Speed: 15-30 spm 

275 aida front.JPG

 275 ton Aida 

 Model: NC2-250 

 Stroke: 7.87" 

 Bed: 106x30" 

 Speed: 25-55 spm 

Minster E2-500-60-48 [DP1680] A.jpeg

 500 ton Minster 

 Model: E2-500-60-48 

 Stroke: 6" 

 Bed: 60x48" 

 Speed: 40-100 spm 


 500 ton Bliss 

 Model: SC2-500-108-60 

 Stroke: 14" 

 Bed: 108x60" 

 Speed: 20-50 spm 

Komatsu E4B400-MF 3700x2150 [DP1712] A.jpeg

 400 ton Komatsu 

 Model: E4B400-MF 

 Stroke: 9.84" 

 Bed: 145x84" 

 Speed: 15-60 spm 

Verson S2-300-96-54T [DP1585] A.jpeg

 300 ton Verson 

 Model: S2-300-96-54 

 Stroke: 12" 

 Bed: 96x54" 

 Speed: 20-40 spm 

330 ton Clearing-Niagara.png

 330 ton Clearing-Niagara 

 Model: SC2-300-120-60 

 Stroke: 12" 

 Bed: 120x60" 

 Speed: 30-60 spm 

500t verson.png

 500 ton Verson 

 Model: L4-500-108-72 

 Stroke: 24" 

 Bed: 108x72" 

 Speed: 6-20 spm 

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