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Founded in Hastings, Michigan, the team at Diamond Press Solutions has decades of experience in metal stamping and industrial machinery. Learn more about our team and the experience that makes us uniquely qualified to help you find the right solutions for your business.


Steve Dimond: President

Steve has over 40 years of experience in the stamping world and is the founder and cornerstone of the company. Our company president has sold presses all over the world and continues to be the top asset of acquisition and sales. With that experience comes an extensive knowledge not only of the operation and specifications of stamping presses, but also a huge library of relationships, contacts, and logistics understanding that makes acquiring a used stamping press simple.


Dayton Dimond: Sales

Dayton is the only other sales associate at Diamond Press Solutions and is responsible for new client acquisition, online marketing, and outside sales. Let me tell you— he is a prettttyyy alright guy. 


Ezequiel Gonzales: Office Management

Zeke is the office manager in Hastings, MI and is well versed in logistics and problem solving. He is also the company's go-to translator when dealing with Spanish speaking clients. If you call our office, most likely you will hear Zeke's friendly voice.


Blaine Dimond: Warehouse Management

Blaine is responsible for managing all inventory and warehousing in our Battle Creek, MI location. Any time a machine is being loaded or unloaded he is typically overseeing the operation.




Our product knowledge includes three important parts: the mechanical/engineering aspect of stamping and modern manufacturing, the complicated logistics of rigging and shipping oversized loads, and knowing where and how to source used equipment. Not only do we carry a vast amount of education in-house, we have relationships with countless specialists all around the world that we can tap into to overcome any obstacles we encounter.




We typically only accept 100% cash payment before a machine will get shipped out but can provide flexible finance options if needed. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about our financing options.

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