stamping presses 505-995 tons for sale

If you’re in need of a stamping press between 505 and 995 tons, Diamond Press Solutions has multiple options in stock. Browse our extensive inventory of used metal stamping presses including popular sizes such as 600-ton and 800-ton presses. Depending on your application, our staff will be able to help match you with a used stamping press that will be best suited for your needs. We stock our inventory with some of the top brands such as Niagara, USI Clearing, Bliss, and many other top-selling brands.

Clearing S4-600-144-72 [DP1584] A1.jpeg

 600 ton Clearing 

 Model: S2-600-144-72 

 Stroke: 12" 

 Bed: 144x72" 

 Speed: 20-40 spm 


 600 ton Niagara 

 Model: S2-600-96-42 

 Stroke: 10" 

 Bed: 96x42" 

 Speed: 30-60 spm 


 600 ton PTC 

 Model: MMP2-600-144-60 

 Stroke: 16" 

 Bed: 144x60" 

 Speed: 15-50 spm 

600 ton Danly.png

 600 ton Danly 

 Model: S2-600-108-60 

 Stroke: 18" 

 Bed: 108x60" 

 Speed: 25-50 spm 

IMG_3415 2.JPG

 700 ton Weingarten 

 Model: VK 630.75.70 

 Stroke: 27" 

 Bed: 138x75" 

 Speed: 23 spm 

Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 1.58.57 PM.png

 600 toN clearing 

 Model: S4-600-144-84 

 Stroke: 24" 

 Bed: 144x84" 

 Speed: 16 spm