stamping presses 1000+ tons for sale

If you are in the market for a 1000-ton press or bigger, Diamond Press Solutions carries large used stamping presses from the top names in the industry such as Danly, USI Clearing, Fukui, Schuler, and Komatsu. We stock a variety of 1000-ton and larger presses for stamping heavy gauge steel and also transfer and progressive die operations. Contact us today to find out how our team can help you select the best 1000-ton press or larger for your business.

2000 ton Verson

Model: TL-SE4-2000-226-108 | Stroke: 30" | Bed: 226x108" | Speed: 24 spm

Transfer press

Included destacker

Straight-side press

Heavy cushions

1500 ton Muller Weingarten

Model: SL4-1500-4000-2600 | Stroke: 17.7" | Bed: 157"x102" | Speed: 10-40 spm

Automatic feed line

Moving bolster

Straight-side press

1000 ton Danly

Model: S4-1000-120-72 | Stroke: 30" | Bed: 120x72" | Speed: 12 spm


Ready to ship

Straight-side press

Heavy cushions

1000 ton Danly

Model: SE2-1000-120-60 | Stroke: 20" | Bed: 120x60" | Speed: 12-14 spm

Year 1988


Straight-side press

1200 ton Danly

Model: S4-1200-108-60 | Stroke: 20" | Bed: 108x60" | Speed: 20 spm

Absurdly overbuilt

Side-moving bolster

Will outlive your grandchildren

Straight-side press

1300 ton Komatsu

Model: E4T1200-06-76-MF-D | Stroke: 23.6" | Bed: 181x74.8" | Speed: 25 spm

Transfer press

Front/rear moving bolster

Optional feed line

Straight-side press

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