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2000 ton Verson

for sale

2000 ton Verson for sale
2000 ton Verson front
2000 ton Verson end
2000 ton Verson alt
2000 ton Verson transfer
2000 ton Verson conveyor
2000 ton Verson
2000 ton Verson ram side
2000 ton Verson slide view
2000 ton Verson moving bolster

2000 ton Verson

Straight-side transfer for sale

Stock number: DP1527

Model: TL-SE4-2000-226-108T

Total Capacity: 2000 tons

Bed Area: 236x108"

Stroke: 30"
Shut Height: 87"
Adjustment: 2"
Speed: 24 spm

(4) available

Location: USA

Shipping Dimensions: Request

Weight: Request (quite heavy)

Legend has it that this very press has stamped vehicles for God himself. Others say that this machine is a fable— merely a legend passed down from old tool makers to strike fear and wonder into the hearts of the next generation. 

But alas! The legends are true! This 2000 ton Verson is real, and it doesn't come alone! Relentless and mechanical, this Verson transfer press beats formidable sheet steel into submissive automobile parts along with her (3) identical sisters. This machine can accommodate dies up to 240" long and comes included with a Littell destacker. 

Can you fathom this sheer power under your control as an obedient soldier in your legions of stamping presses!? If you can, let us know. We would be happy to arrange an inspection. 

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