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1000 Ton Verson
for sale

1000 ton Verson stamping press line
1000 ton Verson side loading bolster

1000 ton Verson

Straight-side press for sale

Stock number: DP1652

(2) available

Model: SE4-900-4572-2438

Year: 1980

Total Capacity: 1000 tons

Bed Area: 180x96"

Stroke: 37"

Shut Height: 55"

Adjustment: 30"

Speed: 16 spm

Location: Spain

Shipping Dimensions: Request

Weight: Request


Remaining from a larger tandem line are (2) 1000 ton Verson presses. These presses have side loading bolsters, 120 ton cushions, and micro inching. Both presses are in good running condition and can be inspected upon request. These presses are located in Spain.  

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