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500 Ton Verson
For sale

Verson S2-500-240-60T [SN 23679] DP1714 A
Verson S2-500-240-60T [SN 23679] DP1714 B

Verson 500 ton straight-side press for sale

Stock number: DP1714

Model:  S2-500-240-60T
SN.:  23679
Capacity:  500 Tons
Bed:  240” x 60”
Stroke:  12”
Shut Height:  34” SDAU
Adjustment:  11”
Speed:  15 - 30 SPM

Location: Request

Shipping Dimensions: Request

Weight: Request

Here is a great press for progressive die stamping jobs with it's 240" bed! Updated rockford controls, this press is ready to go to work for you. It comes pre-installed with the signature Blue and Maize paint scheme to let all the Ohio State fans know who's boss :) 

If you are interested in this press— give us a call or shoot us an email! We would be happy to show it to you

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