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400 Ton Komatsu
Blanking Line

for sale

Komatsu E4B400-MF 3700x2150 [DP1712] A

400 ton Komatsu blanking line for sale

Stock number: DP1712

Model:  E4B400-MF
SN.:  19B4067
YOM:  1989
Capacity:  400 Metric Tons
Bolster Area:  3700 x 2150mm
Slide Area:  3700 x 2150mm
Stroke:  250mm
Shut Height:  900mm
Adjustment:  100mm
Speed:  15 - 60 SPM

Location: Request

Shipping Dimensions: Request

Weight: Request

Designed for cold-rolled, hot-rolled, high-strength, and galvanized steel.  

Stock Width:  400 to 1830mm
Stock Thickness:  0.5 to 2.3mm
High Strength:  1.5 @ 1830mm Wide
                            2.3 @ 1000mm Wide

Coil Capacity:  20 metric tons
Coil Dimension:  550 to 2000mm O.D. 
                              508 to 810mm I.D. 

Line Speed:  80 m/min
Cycle Time:  16 to 60 per min

Includes Coil Car, Opener, Crop Shear, Washer

(No details yet; drawing shows two stacking units)

This press is currently disassembled and in storage in Battle Creek, MI. If you'd like to inspect it in person, we would be happy to show it to you. 

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