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121 ton Aida

Gap-Frame Press

for sale

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121 ton Aida controls

121 ton Aida For Sale

Gap-frame single point press

Stock Number: n/a

Model: NC1-11(2)

Capacity: 121 tons

Blanking Capacity: 96 tons

Bolster Area: 42.1x26.7”

Die Height: 13.77"

Adjustment: 3.54"

Stroke: 7.08"

Speed: 35-65 spm

Location: Grand Rapids, MI


Great running late-model Aida NC1-11(2) Has Omnilink II controls and Link die protection. Also comes with light curtains. This Aida is a fantastic value for money.

This press has since been sold, but we have many other options that are very similar. Check out our huge selection of gap-frame presses!

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