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150 ton Minster

press for sale

150 ton minster p2 front 2
150 ton minster p2 side
150 ton minster p2 front 3
150 ton minster p2 side 3
150 ton minster p2 data plate
150 ton minster p2 controls

150 ton Minster for sale

High speed straight-side press

Stock Number: DP1388

Model: P2-150-60 Piece-Maker

Year: 1985
Capacity: 150 Tons
Bed Area: 60” x 40”
Stroke: 6”
Shut Height: 23”
Slide Adjustment: 4”
Speed: 0 - 90 SPM

Location: Battle Creek, MI

Dimensions: 13'x8'x5'

Weight: 60,000lbs


The legendary Minster P2-150 "Piecemaker" is a high speed production workhorse. This press is top-of-the-line as far as P2-150's go with the larger bed and 6" stroke— commonly these models came with much shorter strokes. This doesn't sacrifice speed however, it runs at a jaunty 90spm.


Contact us today to schedule an inspection at a date and time that is convenient for you.

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