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1500 ton Muller Weingarten

for sale

1500 ton Muller Weingarten
Automatic coil feed line
1500 ton Muller Weingarten plant

Forged in the beating heart of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, this 1500 ton Müller Weingarten stamping press is a testament to German engineering and quality. This press is equipped with a front/rear moving bolster and hydraulic die clamping. Additionally, it has equipped with it an Automatic coil feed line; this is a turn-key package for a highly productive progressive press. The bards sing melodious hymns about the unrivaled power and unending longevity that this machine embodies. 

If you want to see this press, let us know! There are currently (2) available for sale and we would be happy to show them. These are located in Eastern, Michigan USA. 

1500 ton Muller-Weingarten

Straight-side press for sale

Stock number: DP1528

Model: SL4-1500-4000-2600

Year: 2000

Total Capacity: 1500 tons

Bed Area: 157x102"

Stroke: 17.7"
Shut Height: 47.2"
Adjustment: 5.9"
Speed: 10-40 spm

2 available


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