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176 ton Aida

for sale

176 Aida front
176 ton Aida side
176 Aida back
176 ton Aida data

176 ton Aida for sale

Double crank gap frame press


Stock Number: DP1417

Model: Aida C2-16(2)

Year: 1990s
Capacity: 176 tons 
Bed: 93.3” x 29.9” 
Ram: 59” x 22.8” 
Stroke: 7.8”
Shut Height:17.7” sdau 
Adjustment: 3.9”
Speed: 45spm

For sale is a great example of a 176 ton Aida 2-point gap-frame press. Excellent for running off-center loads or even progressive stamping. This press is equipped with a wintriss smart pac control and light curtains. 


It was taken out of operation with absolutely no issues and is currently being stored in our Battle Creek, MI warehouse. Contact us today to schedule an inspection. 

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