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200 Ton Minster
for sale

Minster E2-200-108-48 [DP1739] A
Minster E2-200-108-48 [DP1739] C
Minster E2-200-108-48 [DP1739] D
Minster E2-200-108-48 [DP1739] B
Minster E2-200-108-48 [DP1739] F
Minster E2-200-108-48 [DP1739] E

200 ton Minster for sale

Stock number: DP1739

Model:  E2-200-108-48
Capacity: 200 Tons
Bed Area:  108x48" 
Stroke:  10”
Shut Height:  31”
Adjustment:  6”
Speed:  40SPM

Location: Battle Creek, MI, USA

Shipping Dimensions: Request

Weight: Request

Here is a great 200 ton Minster ready to go to work for you! Ample bed area with a 108x48" bolster. Is located in Battle Creek, MI and is ready to ship! Also it comes in super high-viz orange so you will never lose it in your shop! 

If you're interested in this machine, we would be happy to give you an in-person inspection!

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