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220 Ton Aida 

Press For sale

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aida 220 ton press
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220 ton Aida for sale

Gap-frame stamping press

Model: C1-20(2)

SN: 00220-0432

Year: 1980s
Total Capacity: 220 Tons
Bolster Area: 69” x 33”
Stroke: 9.8”
Ram Adjustment: 4.3”
Shut Height: 17.7” 
Speed: 15 - 45 SPM

Location: Battle Creek, MI

Shipping Dimensions: 21x5x7'

Weight: 45,000lbs


This 220 ton Aida gap-frame press is an excellent choice for small stamping or trimming operations. Presses from comparable brands (like Bliss, Verson, or Minster) have a considerably larger footprint for the same tonnage. Aida is known for reliability and robust build quality. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.


It was taken out of operation with absolutely no issues and is currently being stored in our Battle Creek, MI warehouse in one piece. 

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