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2300 ton aida

Servo press

for sale

2300 ton Aida
2300 ton Aida transfer
2300 ton Servo Press
2300 ton Aida servo
2300 ton Aida servo
2300 ton Aida servo
2300 ton Aida servo

2300 ton Aida for sale 

Straight-side servo press

Stock Number: N/A

Model: DSF-S4-23000-450-220

Year: 2012

Total Capacity: 2300 tons

Bed Size: 4500x2200mm

Stroke: 1100mm

Speed (continuous): 1-25 spm

Shut Height: 1375mm

Slide adjustment: 400mm

Notes: side moving bolster

See it run here!

Location: Japan

Shipping Dimensions: Request

Weight: Request


This 2300 ton Aida servo press is a great example of state of the art servo-press technology on a huge scale. This press is direct drive, giving you the ultimate flexibility forming a huge variety of parts. There are very few of these on the used market. Servo technology in stamping presses is the biggest step forward since nitrogen dies. This Aida servo press has a rolling bolster and also a H&F transfer system.

Contact us today if you're interested in this press!

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