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275 ton Aida

for sale

Aida NC-250 front
Aida NC250 front 2
Aida NC250 side
Aida NC250 back
Aida NC250 side
Wintriss SmartPac 2 Controls
Wintriss Load Analyzer
Aida NC250 t-stand

275 ton Aida for sale

Double crank gap-frame stamping press

Stock number: DP1522

Model: NC2-250(1)

Total Capacity: 275 tons

Bed Area: 106.2x29.9"

Slide Area: 82.6x27.5"

Stroke: 7.87"
Die Height: 21.06"
Adjustment: 4.72"
Speed: 25-55 spm

Location: Request.

Shipping Dimensions: Request

Weight: Request


Fantastically versatile, and outfitted to modern safety standards, we are ecstatic to present this used 275 ton Aida NC2-250(1)! Very solidly built and well maintained, this press is ready to stamp parts for years to come. This press has been updated with a Wintriss Smartpac 2, light curtains, and a Wintriss Load Analyzer. It also has a newer swivel-integrated Wintriss T-stand. 

Additionally, this stamping press comes with an optional 24" Littell feedline that can accommodate .250" steel at 12" width. 

If you are interested in this press, let us know! It is currently installed and under power. We would be happy to give you a thorough inspection of this machine. 

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