300 Ton Minster 

Press For sale

300 Ton straight side minster press
300 Ton Minster Press For Sale

300 ton Minster for sale

Straight-side stamping press

Stock Number: DP1280

Model: S2-300-96-48

S/N: S2-300-9040-C
Total Capacity: 300 Tons
Bed Area: 96” x 48”
Stroke: 14”
Ram Adjustment: 14”
Shut Height: 33”
Speed: 36 SPM
Equipped with: Windows: 20” 
Press Controls
T-Slotted Bolster and Ram
Floor Standing
Air Cushions

Location: Battle Creek, MI


Here is a fantastic example of an old-school cast iron Minster press that will last years to come. Back-driven straight-side press with a 96" press. This press is located in Battle Creek, MI in once piece. 

If you would like to see this press let us know! We would be happy to arrange an inspection.