330 ton aida

Servo press

for sale

330 ton Aida for sale 

Straight-side servo press

Stock Number: N/A

Model: DSF-N2-3000

Year: 2014

Total Capacity: 330 tons

Bed Size: 102.4x47.2"

Stroke: 11.81" 

Speed (continuous): 1-90 spm

Shut Height: 25.59"

Adjustment: 5.12"

Location: Texas, USA

Shipping Dimensions: 18'x12'x11'

Weight: 105,600lbs

For sale is a practically brand new 330 ton Aida Servo press! Incredibly versatile for a variety applications taking advantage of it's programmable stroke. This is a direct drive servo press, which means you can utilize the pendulum motion of the servos to shorten/lengthen your stroke giving you the fastest production speeds available. These presses are so precise you can stop and start the ram within microns through the stroke. Don't miss this amazing opportunity!

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