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330 ton seyi press

for sale

330 Ton Seyi
330 Ton Seyi 2
330 Seyi data

330 Ton Seyi for sale 

Straight-side stamping press


Model: 330-110-47

Year: 2001
Total Capacity: 330 U.S. Tons
Bolster Size: 110” x 54”
Ram Size: 110” x 47”
Stroke: 10”
Shut Height: 30”
Adjustment: 10”
Speed: 25 - 50 SPM

Location: Battle Creek, MI

Dimensions: Request

Weight: Request


This 330 ton Seyi is a fantastic example of a late model floor standing press straight-side stamping press. It has exceptional speed and versatility running at 50spm with a 10" stroke. Great for running smaller progressive die operations and doesn't require a pit!

This press is sold; contact us today to see if we can find a stamping press that will fit your needs. 

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