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400 Ton Heim Press

for sale

400 ton Heim Press For Sale Front
Heim 400 Ton Press For Sale Back
Heim 400 Ton Press For Sale Controls
Heim 400 Ton Press Data Plate

400 ton Heim for sale

Straight-side stamping press

Model: S2-400MS-72-48

Year: Unknown
Capacity: 400 Tons
Bed Area: 72” x 48”
Slide Area: 72” x 48”
Stroke: 6”
Slide Adjustment: 12”
Shut Height: 30”
Speed: 30-60 SPM

Notes: Windows: 42” W x 29” H

Location: Battle Creek, MI

Dimensions: Request

Weight: Request


This 400 ton Heim straight-side double-crank stamping press has a lot of tonnage for it's small stature. A press this size would typically be a 200 or 300 ton press. It is floor standing and ideal for shops that may have limitations on their ceiling height. 

This press is sold; contact us today to see if we can find a stamping press that will fit your needs. We are the stamping press people!

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