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550 Ton Komatsu
for sale

komatsu 500 ton press
komatsu press side view
500 ton komatsu rear
komatsu front
500 ton komatsu bolster
500 ton komatsu rear 2
komatsu side rear
komatsu cool tv screen
komatsu alt angle press
big nifty komatsu press
control panel of komatsu 500 ton stamping press
operator panel of komatsu 500 ton press

550 ton Komatsu

Straight-side press for sale

Stock number: DP1672

Capacity:  500 Metric Tons  

Year: 1988
Bolster Area: 145.67" x 55.12"
Ram Area: 145.67" x 55.12"
Stroke: 19.69"
Shut Height: 39"
Adjustment: 3.94"
Speed: 10 - 30 SPM

Location: Michigan, USA

Shipping Dimensions: Request

Weight: Request

See it run HERE


This is a stunning example of a 550 ton Komatsu stamping press. This is a great machine to run progressive die operations and has an optional Orii feedline that is paired with it. Dual front/rear moving bolsters and full safety equipment. Very flexible bed size and stroke. 

Interested in this press? Let us know! We would be happy to show it to you in person. 

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