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600 ton Minster

for sale

Minster E2-6001
Minster E2-6005
Minster E2-6003
Minster E2-6004
Minster E2-6002

600 ton Minster

straight-side stamping press for sale

Stock number: n/a

Model: E2-600-120-60

Total Capacity: 600 tons

Bed Area: 120x60"
Stroke: 16"
Shut Height: 43"
Adjustment: 10"
Speed: 0-60

Location: Grand Rapids, MI U.S.A.

Shipping Dimensions: Request

Weight: Request


600 tons of raw American fury! This 600 ton Minster stamping press is the press you've been looking for! Near-indestructible build quality! Fantastically clean presentation! Tolerances that stay tighter longer! Head to head with the best mechanical stamping presses in the world, these Minster presses are known the world over for extreme longevity.

This press has been sold though. I know— I'm sorry. But there is a bright side! We have a huge selection of presses like this one! Give us a ring and we will be happy to find a stamping press that fits your needs and budget.

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