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82 Ton Aida 
Press For sale

75 ton aida 1
75 ton aida 2
75 ton aida 3
75 ton aida 4
75 ton aida 5

82 ton Aida

gap-frame stamping press

Stock Number: 1278

Model: PC-7(2)
Total Capacity: 82 tons
Bolster Area: 37.4” x 19.6”
Slide Area: 21.2” x 15.7”
Stroke: 6.29”
Ram Adjustment: 2.75”
Shut Height: 12.5”
Speed: 60 SPM

Location: Battle Creek, MI

Weight: Request


This is an 82 ton (75 ton) Aida gap-frame press. It is tan and has fun yellow accents. Additionally, it has integrated dual palm buttons and a tonnage monitor! FANTASTIC!


This press is in storage in our warehouse in Battle Creek, MI. If you're interested in seeing it, we would be happy to arrange an inspection for you. 

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