150 ton Bliss

for sale

Bliss C-150 SN H68254 [DP1558] B
Bliss C-150 SN H68254 [DP1558] C
Bliss C-150 SN H68254 [DP1558] A
Bliss C-150 SN H68254 [DP1558] D

150 ton Bliss for sale

gap-frame stamping press

Stock number: DP1537

Model: C-150

Total Capacity: 150 tons

Bed Area: 50x30"

Stroke: 8"
Shut Height: 22"
Adjustment: 4.5"
Speed: 40 spm

Location: Battle Creek, MI

Shipping Dimensions: Request

Weight: 45,000

Here is a very clean example of a 1978 Bliss C-150. This press is incredibly robust and easily displaces many modern examples of 200+ ton presses in terms of build strength. This 150 ton gap-frame press comes equipped with a T-stand operator control and has a smooth ram and bolster plate. Come take a look at it for yourself today!

If you're interested in this press let us know! We would be happy to show it to you. 

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