250 ton Bliss
for sale

Bliss C-250 [SN H68530] A
Bliss C-250 [SN H68530] K
Bliss C-250 [SN H68530] O
Bliss C-250 [SN H68530] H
Bliss C-250 [SN H68530] D
Bliss C-250 [SN H68530] C

250 ton Bliss for sale

gap-frame stamping press

Stock number: DP1639

Model: C-250

Total Capacity: 250 tons

Bed Area: 56x34"

Stroke: 8"
Shut Height: 24"
Adjustment: 4.5"
Speed: 35 spm

Location: Battle Creek, MI

Shipping Dimensions: Request

Weight: 55,000 lbs

Rather rare on the used stamping press market, this is an excellent used Bliss C-250. Very clean with no cracks or visible stress fractures. This press is a great value for it's versatility, tonnage, and small footprint. It would make a fantastic trim press in a forge shop or for small heavier gauge stampings. 

If you would like to see this press in person, let us know! We would be happy to arrange an inspection.