Used Bliss, Clearing, and Niagara Presses for Sale

We acquire and constantly add the best used Bliss, Clearing, and Niagara press machines and parts to our inventory of used stamping presses and parts. Bliss, now part of the broader BCN (Bliss Clearing Niagara) group, owned by Schuler, is known as “The All-American Press” and manufactures a number of popular mechanical presses including gap presses, straight-side presses, high-speed presses and tie rod presses.

If you’d like to add the quality of a Bliss Clearing Niagara Press to your facility but are leery of the price tag, we invite you to review our inventory of used equipment below to find the equipment you need.  If you can’t find the used Bliss press that you’re looking for or have other questions about our inventory, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you find what you need.

1000 ton Bliss
1000 ton Bliss straight-side stamping press for sale
200 ton Niagara SE2-200-60-36
200 ton Niagara straight side press

USI Clearing S4-800-108-60 [DP1153] a_ed
800 ton Clearing
USI Clearing S4-600-144-84 [DP1215] B
USI Clearing 600 Ton Press for sale
Niagara SE4-600-120-78 [DP1366] (12)
600 ton Niagara
USI Clearing S2-300-84-48 [SN 10-2010] D
USI Clearing 300 Ton Press
200 ton Bliss
200 ton Bliss gap frame press
Bliss C-45 press
45 ton Bliss O.B.I. press
200 ton Bliss press
200 ton double end drive straight side Bliss press,
200 ton Clearing
200 ton Clearing double end drive straight side press
125 ton Bliss press
125 ton double crank gap frame Bliss press
110 ton Bliss press
110 ton gap frame Bliss press
60 ton Bliss press
60 ton Bliss gap frame press
Bliss 150 ton press
Stock No.: DP1031 Bliss 150 Ton SSDC Press Model: S2-150-48-30 Capacity: 150 Tons Bed Area: 48” x 30” Stroke: 16” Adjustment: 6” Shut Height: 36” Speed: 20 SPM
Bliss 75 ton press for sale
Stock No.: DP1139 Bliss S2-75-60-42 Capacity: 75 Tons Bolster Plate: 60” x 42” Stroke: 4” Shut Height: 12” Slide Adjustment: 6” Speed: 80 SPM
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