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700 ton Weingarten

for sale

700 ton Muller Weingarten
700 ton Muller Weingarten  side angle
700 ton Muller Weingarten individual press
700 ton Muller Weingarten Wintriss controls
700 ton Muller Weingarten Tandem Line
Fanuc robot controls

700 ton Weingarten

Straight-side press for sale

(4) available

Stock number: DP1548

Model: VK 630.35.70

Total Capacity: 700 tons

Bed Area: 138x75" (148" between side frames)

Stroke: 27"
Shut Height: 60"
Adjustment: 14"
Speed: 23 spm

Year: 1979


Shipping Dimensions: Request

Weight: Request


This 700 ton Weingarten tandem press line was constructed with weldments thought to come from the workshop of God himself. Four precision stamping machines with Fanuc transfer robots between each station makes this a perfect setup for large products. Though the bed and ram size is measured at 138", the distance between the side frames is approximately 148" and can accommodate large dies. These presses have side moving bolsters.

If you are interested in these presses, or even just one of them, let us know! We would be happy to show them to you.

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