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Coil Reels and 
Coil Cradles
For sale

We have an extensive inventory of decoilers of all types for the metal stamping industry. We carry single and double ended coil reels, cradles, reverse cradles, and double-mandrel heavy coil decoilers. We have stock from companies like Coe, Dallas, Wean, Colt, Sesco, and others. We also carry complete feed lines and also individual feeders and straighteners. 

IMG_3399 2.JPG

 60" Mecon Reel 

 20,000# capacity 

Orii LCC06HR Feeder Straightener [DP1595] B.jpeg

 24" Orii Reel 

 13,320# capacity 

Metform Double-End Uncoiler [B].jpeg

 24" MetForm Reel 

 40,000# capacity 

colt decoiler.jpeg

 60" Colt Reel 

 20,000# capacity 


 48" Dahlstrom Reel 

 20,000# capacity 

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