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150 ton Minster
Gap-Frame Press
for sale

Minster G1-150 [DP1737] A
Minster G1-150 [DP1737] C
Minster G1-150 [DP1737] B
Minster G1-150 [DP1737] Press Tag
Minster G1-150 [DP1737] D

150 ton Minster For Sale

Gap-frame single point press

Stock Number: DP1737

Model: G1-150

Capacity: 150 tons

Bolster Area: 50x30"

Shut Height: 22.5"

Adjustment: 6"

Stroke: 10"

Speed: 0-60 spm

Location: Battle Creek, MI

Availability: Ready to ship

For sale is a Minster G1-150. This press has a T-slotted bolster and ram. Bolster also has cushion pin holes (no cushion included). Great 10" stroke for a variety of projects. Excellent Minster build quality.

This machine is located in our warehouse in Battle Creek, MI; if you'd like to see it for yourself, let us know! We would be happy to show it to you.

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