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  250 tons  
  and under 
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  275 tons-  
  500 tons  
  550 tons-  
  950 tons  
1000+ Tons


Diamond Press Solutions is your trusted source for all used machinery including used stamping presses and press room equipment. Browse our extensive inventory of straight-side presses, servo presses, gap-frame presses, forklifts, press room equipment, robots, overhead cranes, and more! We are here to help you every step of the way, from finding the piece of machinery that best suits your operations to ensuring the machinery is delivered safely to your facility. If you are searching for a particular metal press machine or you are just browsing all used presses for sale, see how we can impress you with our wide variety of inventory. Give us a call or email today to get started with picking out your next piece of used machinery!

No hablas ingles? Pues, no es un problema porque también hablamos español!



Not only do we have one of the largest inventories on hand of large straight side presses we are also incredibly in tune with the used stamping market as a whole and have extensive knowledge of what is for sale and what might be for sale in the near future. It's important that our clients know that because many presses cannot be or won't be directly advertised, but we can connect the end user with a willing seller in the right circumstances.


We carry the most popular stamping press brands on the market such as: Bliss, Clearing, Niagara, Minster, Schuler, Danly, Verson, Komatsu, and Aida. However, we have sold lesser known brands and presses of all types including small gap frame presses, high speed presses, hydraulic presses, servo presses, mechanical presses, die cutting presses, punch presses, molding presses, unique knuckle joint presses, huge tandem stamping lines, transfer presses, and forging presses.



Diamond Press Solutions was founded by Steve Dimond in Hastings, Michigan. He grew up working for his father's business that was a rigging and millwrights operation and eventually started doing machinery sales as an extension of their business model. Eventually, he struck out on his own buying and selling stamping presses all over the world and started Diamond Press Solutions.


Diamond Press Solutions are one of the only specialized machinery dealers to focus mainly on stamping presses. Although we do sell smaller presses, our expertise is indispensable when searching for large heavy tonnage mechanical stamping presses. We have forged unique relationships with manufacturers worldwide and gained their trust through straightforward business dealings. Having been in the industry so long, we are very sensitive to changes and trends in the stamping world and manufacturing sector as a whole and can leverage that knowledge to fulfill our clients’ needs. Another key element that sets us apart is our 150,000 square foot warehouse in Battle Creek, Michigan with up to 160 ton crane capacity that gives us great flexibility when clients may need short or long term off-site storage for their machines or tooling.  

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