Used Minster Presses
for Sale

Minster presses offer a wide range of capacity for performing a variety of metal stamping applications from electrical to container packing and more. Minster offers a number of different press options including:

  • Flywheel presses

  • Gap frame presses

  • OBI presses

  • Straight side presses

  • High speed presses


Minster stamping presses are very versatile and can be used for a wide assortment of applications. We carry an ever-changing line up of used Minster presses for sale for your business can choose from. We can help you find the perfect Minster press to add to your business operations today by contacting us!

600 ton Minster
600 ton Minster
300 ton Minster Press
300 ton Minster Hevistamper
300 Ton Minster Press
300 Ton Minster Press
150 Ton Minster Press
150 Ton Minster
150 Ton Minster P2
150 Ton Minster P2
45 Ton Minster #5
45 Ton Minster
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