Used mechanical Presses

We carry high-quality used mechanical presses from a wide variety of well-known and trusted brands such as Aida, Minster, Komatsu, and other manufacturers. Our inventory is constantly rotating so check back often to find the best used mechanical presses for sale at the best prices. Let Diamond Presses find the right piece of equipment to take your operations to the next level. If you are searching for a specific used mechanical press that you don’t see listed on our site, please contact us and we will help you track down the press, part, or equipment that you are looking for!

1000 ton Bliss
1000 ton Bliss straight-side stamping press for sale
1000 ton Danly
1000 ton Danly straight-side press for sale
250 ton Stamtec
double crank gap-frame press
1000 ton Aida
1000 ton Aida transfer press
440 ton Aida
440 ton Aida for sale
straight side mechanical press
330 ton Clearing-Niagara
330 ton Clearing Niagara for sale
1200 ton Blow
1200 ton Blow straight side stamping press for sale
176 ton Aida
176 ton 2-point gap frame press for sale
150 Ton Verson Press
150 Ton Verson Press
500 ton Danly
500 ton Danly stamping press for sale
1000 ton Verson
1000 ton Verson transfer press
600 ton Aida
600 ton Aida PMX for sale
600 ton Minster
600 ton minster straight side press for sale
600 ton Minster
600 ton Minster for sale
1000 ton Eagle
1000 ton Eagle press for sale
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